(Hans) Strydom
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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Hans Strydom who was born in South Africa on April 22, 1954 and passed away on July 31, 2005 at the age of 51. We will remember him forever. 

They are not lost, our beloved
Nor have they traveled far.
Just stepped into God's loveliest room
and left the door ajar.


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Dear Dad,   / Chantel Van Der Westhuizen (Daughter)
 I'm missing you.  It was time for you to go, but it was not time for me to let you go.  I wish you could know your grand children and I wish they could know you.  I hope you and Mom are happy where you are at now.  I'll...  Continue >>
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His legacy
In Mourning  

This page is dedicated in loving memory of my father, Hans Strydom.  He passed away on 31 July 2005 after loosing the battle against pancreas cancer.

It's been 2 years already, but the heartache and emptyness is still present.  He was a wonderful husband to my diseased mother (whom passed away 1 year earlier on 23 June 2004 - see site Elize-Strydom), an amazing father to my brother and I and an excellent grandfather to the 3 beautiful girls he left behind.

I miss him terribly and still cannot come to terms that I'll never see him again.  Never have I been prepared to loose him so soon after I lost my mother.  That was a very difficult time in my father's life, having lost his soul mate of 25 years.

I believe that he is reunited with my mother and that they are happier now, than they ever were.

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